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    About Us

    Pancakes originated as a student-led initiative at University of San Diego and it continues to grow and expand its outreach with the support of the Changemaker Hub, a campus-wide initiative providing opportunities for students to engage in social change. Learn more about changemaking at USD here.

    Every Saturday we serve freshly made pancakes topped with our folks’ choices of butter, fruit and chocolate chips! We are aware that we cannot solve the issue of homelessness downtown but every week we build relationships and trust with the families and veterans in need. Our aim is to begin humanizing folks who have been marginalized and mistreated in the San Diego community. Pancakes ​SUH serves as a platform for people who are looking for volunteer opportunities and resource agencies that assist those who are in need.

  • Our Four pillars

    "The first step is humanizing individuals...then we can help." - Will Tate

    Agape Love

    Us volunteers try our best to go downtown clear of distractions to be as present as possible. Many of us believe that Jesus clearly demonstrates what agape love looks like. We value the scripture, “And they will know us by the way that we love one another.” We take pride in the fact that not everyone who serves with us comes from a religious background but feel welcomed in the Pancakes community.

    Bridge the Gap

    We bridge the gap between those who are privileged with homes, education and careers with those that are underserved downtown San Diego.

    Provide a Safe Space

    There are families and children that we serve and want to provide a space where they can feel safe and welcomed.


    We partner with resource agencies that exist to help those in need get back on their feet. Once we have established trust and consistency with the people we serve and learn from, we are able to bring organizations to our site to assist with immediate needs.

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    K St & 14th St, San Diego, CA 92101
  • Pancake DONORS

    This new section is to honor our donors, and those who assist us every week! Pancakes would like to personally thank you for your donations. We would not be able to continue serving without you!