• Our Team

    An always expanding family.

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    Will Tate


    Will Tate is originally from Oceanside, California and has been a part of Pancakes since 2014. He assumed the role as the Operations Coordinator, heading the program, at the start of Summer 2016. Will has had a heart for those in need since his youth, but took action in high school when he started following Jesus. Will believes that the work Pancakes does, brings hope to the those that have lost hope; in his own words, “It is church on the streets.” He believes that if Jesus were walking this earth, he would be with those that are the most marginalized in our community. Will was the 2017-18 student body president at the University of San Diego and loves sharing the connections he has made with people and helping people discover the gifts and talents that people bring to the world.

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    Amory Fratoni

    Lead Operations Supervisor​

    Amory made San Diego her home back in 2015 after she graduated from the University of San Diego with a B.A. in Communication Studies and Management. She began volunteering with Pancakes in 2017 and quickly fell in love with the community on and around K and 14th Streets. She oversees the daily processes and behind the scenes work at Pancakes including funding, partnerships, and supplies. In a world where those experiencing homelessness are often without a voice, Amory strives to give each person she comes in contact with an inviting space to share theirs with others. Her favorite day of the week is Saturday, for the simple reason being that, she gets to be with her family.

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    Alex Ramirez

    Supervisor and Technical Producer

    Alex has been a part of Pancakes since 2018 and is currently attending the University of San Diego, majoring in Electrical Engineering and Physics. Alex assists with Supervising and overseeing the weekly interactions of pancakes and its events on campus. He is also in charge of photography, social media accounts, and developing and maintaining this website. His favorite part about Pancakes is the constant sharing of knowledge and experiences you get when speaking with the individuals we see each week. Alex's hope is to continue expanding our organization by creating new branches of Serving Up Hope that will further spread the impacts of our volunteers to be felt all over San Diego and the surrounding areas.